Mission and Vision

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Mission and Vision

We aim to provide South African consumers with a cost-effective, environmentally friendly mode of transport that will dramatically reduce air pollution, create employment opportunities, and contribute to our economic revival and growth.

The first dealership, for two-wheelers, will be launched on 1 April 2021 in Cape Town. This will be followed by nine more flagship outlets in major cities across the country and smaller dealerships in towns and metros. The first four-wheeler retail outlet will be launched in 2023.

Our assembly plant is expected to be operational in the last quarter of 2022 and will consist of a 100% local team of approximately 1000 employees. Initially, the components will be imported from India and assembled here. However, we are planning to convert the assembling plant into a comprehensive manufacturing plant. This will help us achieve 100% proudly South African status.

To be the successful South African EV brand, our venture with eBikeGo Private Limited includes a massive rollout plan of training and the transfer of skills to young aspiring South African entrepreneurs. Conversely, a delegation of accomplished engineers from India will also be sent to South Africa to facilitate the training program and assist with the eventual establishment of our assembly and manufacturing plant.

For the South African entrepreneurial sphere, a franchise model has been formulated specifically to offer the unique opportunity to sell directly to the general public. For the rest of Africa, our expansion strategy is to sell licences across the continent which will allow the respective countries the opportunity to operate on their home soil.

Operations will be managed directly in South Africa as the Agilitee Group Company will retain full control of the assembly plant and manufacturing plant.

Vision and Mission
* To become the heartbeat of artificial intelligence and e-mobility in Africa
* To encourage sustainable energy to communities by connecting people to real opportunities.
* Significantly contribute to the development of green technology and artificial intelligence.
* Create a skilled workforce for the electric vehicle industry
* Create self-sustainable and accessible franchises in the most optimal and cost-effective manner
* Form partnerships with companies that share the same vision