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Global sales of electric vehicles (EVs) were projected to exceed five million in 2020 up from one million in 2015. However, global COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected this economic activity. This global shift is primarily driven by emission reduction commitments, growing urban air pollution concerns, and continued crude oil price volatility.

The EV market in Africa is untouched making Agilitee the first African EV Manufacturer on the continent. This means we will enjoy a significant market share with minimal competition.

For the South African entrepreneurial sphere, a franchise model has been formulated specifically to offer the unique opportunity to sell EVs directly to the general public.

Agilitee will be expanding dealerships by selling licenses to operate franchises where our direct ownership therein will be 5%. This is to assure operators of the dealerships that we will be equally vested in the successful operations of their franchise as the acquirers of our operating licenses.

To acquire a license, operators with their capital will pay an upfront fee to Agilitee who will in turn set up the dealership entirely including, negotiation of lease agreements, branding and overall setup, as well as recruitment and training of staff. Thereafter, the dealership will pay annual fees of 5% of revenue. Dividends will be distributed per individual dividend payout policy based on each dealership’s financial performance.

If you want to be part of this exciting innovative solution which is bolstered by a training partner whose technology and parts are well established, meet international standards, and easily competes with the best EV manufacturers internationally and by experienced executive management with extensive strategic experience in the establishment of new companies and the successful implementation of their growth strategy, then please do not hesitate to talk to us.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to become one of South Africa’s EV entrepreneurs!


Formed in 2018, Agilitee Africa is a subsidiary of Agilitee. The Company is the pioneer of green technology and Electric Vehicles industry in Africa. We manufacture electric vehicles, EV charging facilities and other related solutions across the whole continent of Africa.

The Company is 70% women led and it consists of: