Agilitee, a South African electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, has announced plans to build a plant in Zimbabwe, citing a surge in demand following the unveiling of its demonstration unit in Harare late last year.

Mandla Lamba, the chief executive officer of Agilitee, told NewsDay Business yesterday that Zimbabwe became a desirable destination because it has large lithium deposits that have attracted several miners, with US$300 million set aside for the mineral resource’s extraction and export.

Lamba told NewsDay Business that the process of establishing a plant will begin in July, and that Agilitee will unveil a series of new products in South Africa on Friday.

“In terms of pushing the entire agenda, Zimbabwe has more markets than South Africa because we had a better reception from the government than we did in South Africa,” Lamba said.

“So we’ll open in Zimbabwe on July 1st, but we’ll begin the process of constructing the assembly plant first. We’ll be bringing electric vehicle components into Zimbabwe to put them together. This also aids in the creation of jobs and the growth of the economy. Remember that there are Australian investors mining lithium in Zimbabwe, as well as Chinese companies. So that’s how we see Zimbabwe’s future potential,” Lamba told NewsDay Business. Lithium is used in the production of electric vehicle batteries.

Agilitee had received healthy orders from Zimtorque, a Zimbabwean EV dealer, he said.

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