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The company is a manufacturer and reseller of electric motor bikes, motor vehicles, car charging facilities as well as related products in the African continent.

Agilitee’s business spans across the EV value chain contributing to the evolution of the EV industry in Africa by exploring the research and industrialisation of intelligent technologies.

Agilitee is a proudly South African company that was founded in 2018 and is a subsidiary company of Verityhurst (Pty) Ltd. (founded in 2007)

Investor Relations

Why invest?

  • Highly profitable even in tremulous economic environments. Profits exceed industry norms. With Agilitee’s aggressive expansion strategy, returns are expected to flourish.
  • With the ebikeGo partnership ebikeGo will send engineers to South Africa to transfer skills to the management of our local plant.
  • Experienced executive management with extensive strategic experience in the establishment of new companies and successful implementation of their growth strategy.
  • The plant alone is expected to employ approximately 1,000 people. Each dealership is expected to employ at least 20 people. The executives at group level are majority black females.
  • The EV market in Africa is untouched making Agilitee the first African EV Manufacturer on the continent. This means we will enjoy significant market share with minimal competition.
  • The technology and parts are well established and meet international standards. Our product quality easily competes with the best EV manufacturers internationally.

Unique selling proposition

Agilitee has partnered with eBikeGo limited,one of India’s largest smart electric mobility platform offering an electronic mode of transportation for India. The partnership results in Agilitee acquiring the sole right to eBikeGo manufacturing ecosystem to be implement in Africa, which ecosystem is the first of its kind in the world, being licensed from ebikeGo by the US and the UK.

Investment rationale

As the global community focuses more on resolving the issues of climate change, EV has been identified as the mode of transportation for the future. With Agilitee’s growth prospects in manufacturing electric vehicles for the African continent an early investment in the company will generate competitive returns that will lead to significant growth of wealth for its shareholders.


Group Structure

Investor Relations

Battery swapping stations

BSS are facilities stationed in various places around the country at which a vehicle’s discharged battery or battery pack can be immediately swapped for a fully charged one. Eliminating the delay involved in waiting for the vehicle’s battery to charge.

Battery swap stations include the following functions:

  • swap of EV swappable battery system (SBS);
  • storage of EV SBS;
  • charging and cooling of EV SBS;
  • testing, maintenance and safety management of EV SBS.

Similar to vending machines, customers pay using an ATM card or insert cash into designated slots. The full battery given in exchange for the empty one will have a 330 kms capacity before depletion. The cost of fuelling EVs is at least 45% cheaper than refuelling conventional vehicles.

Investor Relations

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