One trip, deliver double.


General Specifications

Motor Specifications

90kph Max Speed
2.8kW Max Power
Patented single swing-arm motor


120km Range *optional with 2 battery packs
Battery capacity: 60v45ah / Warranty: 3 years
Number of cycles: 1500+
Charging time: 3.5h *single battery

Other Features

Loading Capacity Information

Collapsible shelves
One trip loading capacity: 150kg (exclude driver)
Storage space: 2000cm³

Chassis / Suspension Information

Adjustable rear suspension / On-push reverse button
Exposed chassis / Unbreakable anti-collision

Braking System

Balanced breaking distribution

BMOS V3.3 Central Control System

Intelligent vehicle inspection, real-time location, drive tracking. Synchronizes the battery info. Automatically intelligent riding play in your own way. * App is available subject to countries.